(sorry, in the making) El Problema del Mal: ¿estaría resuelto si somos una simulación informática?

(en elaboración)


Inputs: world data of annual deaths, including distribution for age. Twice the Peru´s population dies every year. 5% of total deaths are of children with less than years. How to reconcile this with a loving god? Brief review of the matter and some important ideas about it: it is needed for some reason and alike, there is a god (s) but it is not a loving one, etc.

Evolutionary algoritms. How they may explain what we see if we are in fact a computer simulation. No longer there is evil. Deaths needed for evolution. Challengues: which are the goals of the experiment? do we evolve? what do we mean by evolution? Not necesarrilly that we are “better” but instead we are fitter. Being fit may include being quite inappropiate but compensates for reprocing themselves a lot (like erizos).

Concluding that even if we are a simulation, ethical problems still exist.

Me interesan más cosas de las que puedo entender. Aquí escribo sobre temas que me sorprenden y me hacen reflexionar.